Here’s a few photos from the tech rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast last week. A great week and a great show, but back to normal work now. Two weeks of the Glasgow Comedy Festival, there’s worse ways to make a living!


My wife was in an amateur production of Beauty and the Beast last week and I’d taken time off to work on the show. I was tasked with building the wood chopping machine Beauty’s father invents (it had to be pretty small because we didn’t have much room to store it) and the mechanism to make the last petal fall off the rose as the Beast dies. I’m happy to say that, miraculously, both worked flawlessly each show!

Just thought I’d post a video of the wonder that was the wood chopping contraption!


Here’s some photos I took of the pantomime in work. This gives an indication of what my life has consisted of pretty much entirely for the last 6 weeks! It’s all over tomorrow though, two more shows then load it into the trucks and life can return to some sort of normality!