The death of Ernest Borgnine made me think of this, one of my favourite childhood movies. Really showing my age here! I just wanted to be Kris Kristofferson and drive a big truck for a living.

If you asked me what I thought were the best engine noises in movies, among the obvious like the Countach in the opening credits of The Cannonball Run would be the noise of Rubber Duck’s Mack RS700L as it comes over that hill at the start of this film.

Incidentally, there’s a bit in this movie where Ali MacGraw’s character says to Rubber Duck “you really love this truck, don’t you?” and he replies “I certainly do not love this truck, you oughta meet Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, talk about a man who loves his trucks, named his dog Kenworth”. Twenty odd years later I found myself in an Indian restaurant in Edinburgh having dinner with none other than Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, talking about his dogs and his good friend Kristofferson. Life has a habit of going in circles like that.

So long Ernest, between Convoy and Airwolf I thought you were great when I was wee!



I was randomly listening to stuff on Spotify and a few songs brought back memories.

Many years ago I had a wee green VW Golf that I loved dearly, me and that car went through a lot together! Anyway, being a sound engineer I got a little carried away installing a hifi in her and before long there was no boot left whatsoever (due to an enormous sub enclosure that formed the “parcel shelf” and vented directly into the car) and nearly a kilowatt of amplifiers, frankly it sounded beautiful. But, there were certain tracks that stood out by sounding even better than the rest.

So I thought I’d make a list, in no particular order, of tracks that tried harder than most to pop the seal on the back window of my sadly missed Golf while bringing a smile to my face and others…

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